Below is a basic outline of our class.  Each day, new concepts will be discussed and demonstrated.  About every two weeks there will be a creative project which will challenge you to apply the concepts.


Tuesday Apr 3rd

Day 1 - Class Introduction

Introduction to the class, the textbook, and recommended equipment. Also, basic introduction to digital cameras and accessories.

Thursday Apr 5th

Day 2 - Camera features and accessories, Assign first Project

Discuss basic shooting techniques that help us understand how the digital camera works.  Discussion about lens focal length and zoom vs. inter-changeable lenses.

Tuesday Apr 10th

Day 3 - Exposure,shutter,aperture concepts

Learn about how the camera judges light and thereby suggests proper exposure.  Learn when this can fail and how to compensate for it.

Thursday Apr 12th

Day 4 - Introduction to Photoshop Elements

We will be using both the Photoshop Elements Organizer and the Photoshop Elements Editor in this class.  These are great tools that help you organize, view, export, and enhance your images.

Tuesday Apr 17th

Day 5 - First critique, Elements Editor

Thursday Apr 19th

Day 6 - Editor, Project 2 Critiuqe

Thursday Apr 26th

Day 7 Editing with Photoshop Editor

Thursday Apr 26th

Day 8


Tuesday May 1st

Day 9 Review long exposures, Night Technique #2

Thursday May 3rd

Day 10 - Multiple exposures, layering, adjustments layers

Tuesday May 8th

Day 11 - Critique project 5

Thursday May 10th

Day 12 - Review portraits, techniques

Tuesday May 15th

Day 13 - Critique of portriats, review of Composite project

Thursday May 17th

Day 14

Tuesday May 22nd

Day 15

Thursday May 24th

Day 16

Tuesday May 29th

Day 17

Thursday May 31st

Day 18


Tuesday Jun 5th

Day 19

Thursday Jun 7th

Day 20