Selection Brush

Selection Tools

  1. Marquee tool  (selects a rectangle)
  2. Lasso
  3. Magic Wand selects based on similarity and connectedness, you can add more selection to an existing selection by holding SHIFT
  4. You can "inverse" a selection by choosing select > Inverse
  5. Now that you have inversed your selection of the background, you can change the color of the phone without affecting the background by choosing Enhance > Adjust Color > Hue Sat

Using the Selection Brush Tool

The best selection tool of them all is a special method of selection called the Selection Brush. With the Selection Brush, you can use the painting tools to highlight an area which you want to be selected. The two modes are mask and selection.

The best part about the selection brush is that it is a great way to preserve the blending at the edge of your subject because you can use a soft brush and the selection will automatically be blended on the edge. This avoids having to add a blend with the Feather feature.

The brush tool can be used like a paint brush, and like all the tools in photoshop, it has its own set of options.

  • The size of the brush can be changed and is measured as the diameter in pixels. There are many different sized brushes in the brush box which you can access by clicking the small arrow to the right of the current brush size. Some brushes in the brush box have a soft edge and some have a hard edge. Use the hard edge for small brushes and for accuracy.

. Choose selection brush and change the mode in the options bar to mask.

2. Zoom in and paint to define what will not  be selected (orange color)

3 If you goof, you can hold the alt key and paint which will remove the mask (orange color)



4. Click back to the selection mode in the options bar.


Saving Selections

You can save selection by choosing Select, Save Selection.
You can then load the selection by choosing Select > Load Selection (your file must be saved as a .PSD)


Red Eye Tool

Within Photoshop Elements (not the pro version) there is a handy tool specifically designed to help you remove redeyes when they occur.