Uploading in Class

Once you have your images open Photoshop organizer:

  1. Select all the images you want by tagging them
  2. Show only tagged images
  3. Choose File > Export as new files
  4. Choose JPEG format
  5. Choose Images size = 1024x768
  6. Folder location = desktop
  7. Click Export
  8. This will export web sized files for the website (for turning in your homework)
  9. log into electroniclunch.com
  10. Click Students navigation button
  11. Click your name
  12. Click Tab for the current project
  13. Click [ Edit you Content ]
  14. Browse to find each new image to add to you student gallery

For single image Export Adobe Photoshop (Professional version):

  1. File > Export > Save For Web Legacy
  2. Jpeg format
  3. High quality
  4. Resize image to 1200px Max
  5. Hit APPLY!
  6. Hit OK
  7. Save to Desktop

Catalog directly from Memory card

  1. from within organizer, choose file>Get photos and videos > From files and folders
  2. Locate your Removable Disk (card Reader) by clicking my computer
  3. Open the disk, the DCIM folder
  4. Choose the images you want to import (folders) 100CANON
  5. Uncheck "copy files on import" box if it is checked
  6. This will "import" images into the organizer without moving the files

Save For Website

  1. Choose File>Save For Web
  2. Choose JPEG format
  3. Choose Very High or 80 quality
  4. Make maximum width 1200px (for horizontal), 800px max (for vertical)
  5. Hit Apply button
  6. Choose OK
  7. Save to the desktop
  8. Upload this image into the website

OR Export:

  1. Select files, or view files in the organizer that you wish to export
  2. Choose File>Export>As New Files
    1. JPEG format
    2. Photo size = 800x600
    3. Quality = 80
    4. Location = Desktop

If Errors!
If your files fail to upload it is because of one or more factors:

  1. Your file is not the right format:  i.e. MUST be jpeg format
  2. Your file is too large:  i.e. MUST be less than 2mb (read at the top about resizing to 800px)
  3. Your file has been modified by a program that added header tags to the file