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Day 1 - Class Introduction

Begins On: January 8th 2019
Time: 3:15 PM
Location: Pioneer 200c

Introduction to the class, the textbook, and recommended equipment. Also, basic introduction to digital cameras and accessories.  This class will require you to have:

    • Digital Camera
    • Memory card reader for your camera
    • Tripod

Optional but highly recommended items include:

    • Lens Hood
    • Text: Complete Digital Photography by Ben Long
    • Camera Carrying Case
    • Extra Memory Card
    • Extra Battery
    • Portrait lens (large aperture, prime)

As with any photography class, the essential course structure is basically the same. My roll as instructor will be to provide you with hands-on technical and aesthetic techniques and concepts. The textbook, which is also required, will be an essential resouce for reviewing an learning many of the concepts in the class. However grades will be primarily based on the completion of creative projects (art). We will be turning projects in online via this website.  Every student will have their own login and profile into which they upload images.  The nice thing about this is that everyone can participate even before and after class.

Just because we're using a website to turn in our projects, doesn't mean this is an online class; attendance is crucial!

Introduction to Digital Photography

  • Review of projects and techniques
  • Basic Types of digital cameras (SLR, Rangefinder, Fully featured Compact, Mini Compact style)
  • Basic types of batteries, lens attachments, flash attachments, memory cards, tripods, cases, and other hardware
  • History of Photography
  • What would you like to learn most?
  • Lenses and focal length
  • composition and techniques
    • Freeze action
    • blur action
    • night photos
    • Use of tripod
    • Use of Flash