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Day 4 - Introduction to Photoshop Elements

Begins On: January 17th 2019
Time: 3:15 PM
Location: Pioneer 200c

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements organizer

Importing images from you card. Previewing as a slideshow, simple organization with tags.

The most important thing to remember about your digital images, is that they are computer files.  This means that they can be transferred to your computer in a variety of ways, not the least of which is simply the standard copy and paste.  Other systems will try to make the process even easier by taking you through a wizard.

The advantage of using an organizing tool is that the images will automatically be profiled according to their date.  Other ways of profiling are easy with the use of tags.

The Photoshop Elements Organizer can also be a great tool to help you enhance and change your images in batches; which means many at once.  There is the Quick Fix option that gives you control over the most common adjustments and enhancements and can easily be applied to many photos at once if desired.

Critique of Project 1

Critiques are a great way to share you work with the class, and thereby get feedback about how well you have expressed what you intended. Also, critiques are a great opportunity to ask questions and get answers about problems you may have encountered with your camera or with composition, etc.

Photo Journalism

Photo journalism is perhaps one of the first uses of photography and basically means telling a story with images.  We see photo journalism every day online and in newspapers and on television.  The challenge with photo journalism is communicating a story visually. This generally requires considering closely the "composition" of your photograph.  How you arrange subject matter and your placement relative to the subjects in your scene will dictate the story that is told.

Assign second project: America.