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Day 10 - Multiple exposures, layering, adjustments layers

Begins On: May 2nd 2019
Time: 3:15 PM
Location: Pioneer 200c

Review night photogrpahy

  • exposure
  • white balance
  • use of the self-timer
  • Using your tripod
  • focusing and using manual focus
  • Why use low ISO setting?
  • Why use a small aperture?

Multipule Exposure Technique Expained

  • Discussion about light color and artificial lights
  • Ensuring photo alignment with compact cameras (use wide angle)
  • In-class exercise
  • Layering images together
  • Changing the blending mode of the top layer

Adjustment layers and HDR

  • Adjustment layers give you ability not only to non-destructively apply an adjustment to you image, but even more, they provide a way for you to hide the adjustment where you don't want it via a layer mask.
  • This can be a great tool for making adjustments to particular regions of your image and works well to darken skies while not affecting a shadowing foreground, etc.