Project 1: Scavenger Hunt

This project will challenge you to try out the things we've discussed. I'll want everyone to shoot 9 images:

  1. Wide Angle 
    (Beautiful Place)
  2. Telephoto (distant object) (Shoot this from the same stance as you did #1) 
  3. Telephoto (close subject, i.e. your subject should be 10' maximum away from your camera, with far away background)
  4. Backlight shot without exposure compensation
  5. Backlight shot with exposure compensation
  6. Same shot with flash (no exposure compensation)
    (Portrait with window)
  7. Fill flash used with outside portrait (shoot in bright sun)
  8. Slow flash used with low lighting 
    (the main idea here is to capture ambient light behind a subject that is illuminated by flash)
  9. Close-up macro shot that makes us guess

slow flash is when you use your flash and a slow shutter speed.  In the image above, the sunset is captured with a 1/15 second, and then flash is illuminating the foreground.