Project 2: A day in the life of America

Like the famous book from the 80s, we'll be creating our own series of images that attempt to capture the spirit of everyday life in our country. My best friend's wife moved to America from France over 20 years ago, but has a Grandmother who will never visit her distant home. Lets help her portray what life is like here.

The image should contain at least one person and tell a story.  You will need to do some basic editing and turn in both before and after edited versions.  A detailed caption is not necessary if your image is expressive enough.

Please endeavor to show us something new, surprising, or thought provoking, and especially something helps us understand what life is like here.  The background and what the person is doing should play a large part of the meaning of the image, not just a person's face, but a person's story.

Please turn in  both an original and an edited version of your image.  Try auto contrast, auto levels, hue and saturation, levels, remove color cast, etc.  Please also try using the clone stamp to remove something distracting from the foreground or background.