Project 3: The Landscape Image

Landscape subjects continue to inspire and intrigue photographers and viewers alike and I feel it will be fun to analyze and emulate some favorite landscape images to help us capture the world around us in a way that is powerful as an image.

Shot 1: Capture the feeling of a favorite place.

  1. Have everything in focus (use small aperture and perhaps tripod)
  2. Wide angle lens (and perhaps pointing downward slightly)
  3. Capture a feeling of space and depth (foreground/middle/background)
  4. Capture the character of a place (natural,interiors,urban,industrial,etc.)
  5. Try to capture side lighting by shooting when the sun is low on the horizon
  6. Try to capture the sun coming into your shot at 90 degree angle to your point of view (and perhaps use a polarizing filter to enhance the blue sky)

Shot 2:  Capture a flattening of space by shooting close and capturing a pattern or texture or set of shapes/objects while keeping everything in focus. ( include repetition and side lighting)

At least one of these images should be edited by using the "overlay Layer" technique, and removing an object with the clone stamp.

Landscape Editing

  1. Try adding contrast with Levels (ctr-L)
  2. Try reducing contrast with Shadows and Highlights
  3. Try increasing saturation with Hue/Saturation
  4. Try Burning edges with the Burn Tool
  5. Try dodging to lighten areas with the dodge tool
  6. Try darkening blue skies with the overlay layer technique
  7. Try using Levels adjustment layer to darken only parts of your image. You will need to paint black on the corresponding Layer Mask to hide the levels adjustment from the parts of your image that you do not want darkened.