Project 4: Night Photography

Night photographs can be fun because of what can happen during a long exposure that you hadn't intended. Also, shooting at night can be a strange and interesting experience because it is an altered reality from what we normally experience. Furthermore, we'll learn about a blending technique that allows you to combine different exposures for wonderful mixed lighting effects.

Capture the experience of being out at night.

1) One night or interior shot that either is a standard one long exposure shot, or perhaps uses a different special technique such as the addition of an artificial light source...i.e. (laser pen, flash light, headlights, sparklers, glow stick, tail lights, etc.).

  1. Attach your camera to the tripod
  2. Compose your shot avoiding very bright light sources at the edge of the frame
  3. Turn off your flash
  4. Use lowest ISO setting (i.e. 100)
  5. Use Auto WB
  6. Set the self-timer
  7. Push the button to begin the self-timed exposure

2) One night landscape or interior shot that involves the use of the multiple exposure techinique we've talked about.

  1. One shot that captures ambient light before other artficial lights are on
  2. Wait 3 hours or so and then shoot a second shot that captures lights at night in the same scene but without the ambient light
  3. Both of these shots must be shot from exactly the same view (keep your camera on a tripod for both shots)

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