Project 7: Visual Irony

Fascinating surreal images can be created by combining separate images that don't normally belong together. This can result in interesting meanings and even dreamscapes or other "fantastic" images.

This project will challenge you to combine 7 or more images that emphasize the idea of surrealism, or of things not belonging together.  see Anachronism. One way to do this is through incorrect proportions of image (simply by scaling them), another way to do this is conceptually.

Requirements for this project:

  1. A digital composite image that uses at least 2 images that you shot, an image of yourself, and a minimum of 7 total images. This composite image should combine in a realistic way, images which don't belong, or in some other way create a sense of visual irony.  This image must also feature the advanced shadow techinique that we've discussed in class, or the reflection techinque.  Finally, the composite image must include a photograph of yourself realistically protrayed in your scene.  Keep in mind the light quality of your background.
  2. for your main image onto which all other image will go, you should have 2500-3000px.

Check Out: