Project 8: The Photographic Series

The final project is a series; here's some guidelines:

  1. Check out this page
  2. The series can take the form of a story, progression, variety, exploration, and more.  The most important thing is that your idea is creative an interesting enough to substantiate 10 images about it.  This is more of a conceptual project than a technical one, but I will be looking at your technical feets as well.  All the images should be well composed, in focus, and contribute to the overall series as a necessary piece. 
  3. This project will be presented as a slideshow, but I also expect you to contribute all ten images into student account on the class website as usual.  A 600 word artist statement will also be presented with your images.  This statement should express your concept and help us understand your project. Tell us why you persued your idea and what it means.  This should be printed and typewritten.
  4. There are many different ways to present a series of images electronically, and we'll be persuing ways that we have not used yet, that are very exciting.  These options basically fall into two categories and because of bandwidth, I think will recommend the latter:
    1. PDF slideshow:  portable multimedia file that can elegantly present your series without an internet connect and bascially on any computer (with adobe reader)
    2. Online slideshow via 3rd party provider such as Google Slides, Dropbox, etc.

Create your PDF slideshow

  1. View all your images in the organizer (by tagging them) so that you are viewing only the images that will make up your final series
  2. Click the CREATE button
  3. Choose Slideshow
  4. Keep default settings in the slideshow preferences dialog and hit OK
  5. At the top of the slideshow editor dialog, click the Output button
  6. Choose PDF from the slideshow output dialog
  7. Choose 1280x960 dimensions (large)
  8. Choose Loop and Manual advance in the options
  9. Click OK to create your slideshow (PDF)
  10. Choose where to save your pdf slideshow file (My Pictures folder, or Removable Disk)
  11. This file can now be copied to your removable media

Online Slideshow With Google Slides


    Photoshop Professional guide:

    1. Open all the files you want to include in your presentation
    2. File > Automate > PDF Presentation
    3. Click Add Open Files in resulting dialog
    4. Choose Presentation instead of multi-page document
    5. I recommend Fade for transitions
    6. Hit Save to save the .pdf file.